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SEO Solutions Services : Web Site Re-Design

Web Site Redesign Service

Our optimization engineers will work with our copy writers to integrate the optimized content within your Website. Our technicians will redevelop your site to optimally communicate your keywords with search engines. Moreover, all aspects of a Website, including its architecture, meta tags, alt tags, graphic-text, internal link structure and sub-pages will be modified to be spider friendly and best meet search engine algorithms.

According to a recent studies, 46% of Web sales are lost on web sites that lack the critical elements that build value and trust with website visitors. The number one reason the people indicated why they wouldn't buy from a web site was because it had an unprofessional "look and feel" that lacked credibility and did not "feel" trustworthy.

Having a professional look and persuasive copy (words) will convert more of your web site's qualified visitors into new leads and customers. In turn, this will boost your company's revenues and profits.

Seo Solutions offers to you an professional work and many facilities to change your simple web site into an new and optimised one...

Common Problems

Unfortunately, many sites on the Web today aren't "up to snuff" in the design and usability departments Consequently, money spent on advertising is wasted with higher bailout rates, fewer return visits, and abandoned shopping carts. In fact, most ecommerce sites waste between $1.5 to $2 million a year on costly redesigns. Clearly, there's got to be a better way.

The Solution: Professional Web Site Redesign

We will help you polish your look and maximize your conversion rates by combining compelling benefit-oriented copywriting and professional web site redesign.

Benefits of our Website Redesign Services

  • Web Site Architecture - We will show you how to build your web site architecture and content to match your target market's buying preferences.
  • Creative Design Comps - We will develop three creative treatments or "comps," a homepage and a secondary page and a product/service page. Once creative direction is chosen and changes are implemented, production begins.
  • An Updated Look & Feel - Our web site redesign service will polish your current look, or give you an entirely new look that increases your credibility and trust with your target market.
  • Speed and Easy Maintenance - We emphasize speed and clean code in our designs for clients, with extensive use of CSS and other techniques designed to convert visitors while saving bandwidth. CSS2-based menus and table-free designs help create compelling designs with low code overhead and higher speed, SEO, and accessibility.
  • Easy Navigation - Increase your leads, opt-ins, and sales by designing a menu structure that will allow your visitors to easily navigate through your web site and find their desired content, products or services.
  • Improved Usability - Our redesign experts use best practices to improve your site's usability through "above the fold" positioning, placement, and content treatment.

SEO Solutions Re-Design Projects

WEBSITE: jazzsports

Initial Web Site

Current Re-Designed Web Site


Initial Web Site

Current Re-Designed Web Site

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