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What is SEO about?

SEO Marketing Optimization

We can see seo marketing optimization like a set of techniques destined to satisfy the user who enters the differents web pages,but simultaneously, centers in the search engines. They are those methods that look for a balance between marketing techniques, that they attract the users and they sell our contents, and the search engine optimization for search engine, without sacrificing the information that we want to provide.

Once we understand what is the definition of search engine optimization, perhaps we ask ourselves on which one is it based. The web sites usually offer some service or product, and the idea is to provide it to the user of an pleasant way, and made the web site useful, and if it were the case, that it helped us to sell a service or sell a product. Some times, this is contradicted with the information that we want to display to the search engine's, so that they positioning our web page best than is possible. This type of used techniques, does not give so good result as others destined to position in a single search engine, but, they are more solid; would have to position better, in a greater number of finders and, in addition, they will be more stable in the time; although a search engine changes the way to act of his algorithms, these methods would conserve better the positioning than others, only destined to be in the first positions of some finder determined.

These seo techniques are focus to obtain that any web site one is within the first results of a related search with the key word that better adjusts to the reason commercial of the web site, generating strategies of constant change that they facilitate connection to the variations, because it is not possible to be ignored, fact that exists thousands and thousands of web sites that are competing by the same key word and whose webmasters also can use techniques of the search engine optimization.

For all this, the tendency of webmasters is to evolve in knowledge to obtain that their sites to position stay competitive and effective, reason why a web site badly positioned it is always going to be responsibility of webmaster.

The most important web sites and of high quality receive Higher Page Rank, than Google remembers whenever it makes a search. By assumption, the important pages do not mean anything for you if they do not agree with its search. For that reason, Google combines PageRank with sophisticated techniques of text search simultaneously to find pages that are important and excellent for its consultation. Google goes beyond the amount of times that term appears in a page and examines all the aspects of the content of page to determine if is one good coincidence for its consultation.

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