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Density is Very Important

Some used technical terms in the world of positioning in finders is those of density, repetition and dispersion, referring to elements like the title, the labels put or the own text of a page.


The density is the percentage that represents the words key in relation to the total of words contained in a document. This value is lost importance with the passage of time and it only is advise againstable to use densities of very high key words truely ( exaggerated) in order that the finders do not describe it like Spam and penalize the Web at issue.


The repetition is the total number of times that a word or key expression is repeated throughout a document. The repetition in main text of a page Web is not excellent unless it tolerates one as high density as to be considered Spam. It has been always spoken of supposed rule of the finders that prevent the excessive repetition (it is accustomed to to comment more than 3 appearances) of the key words in title and labels it puts. To follow that rule normally will not be complicated, reason why it does not seem one bad idea to accept it like safety measure.


The spread makes reference to the concentration of key words in zones of the text or others. Until recently, Google by example, granted more importance to the text located in the superior zone of document. Now the general tendency of the finders is the one to consider relavente a text that contains the key expression by all its extension.

Secondary Keywords

When we spoke of the key words we have done like the cooks and we have reserved the key words that we have not been able to use in the optimization. Now the moment has arrived for deciding if we do something with they. Therefore, we can design the main page to fight by expressions:

That they interest to us more of all the list of key words that we have reunited? That they have more competition on the part of other pages.

And the others?

The inner pages are as optimizables as the page main.

A point that ignores generally those that they begin to position its pages is that all the pages of a Web are optimizables, not only the main page. If for example your Web it presents/displays services of your company, surely you will dedicate a page to each one of concrete services that you offer; therefore, in the title, text, headed, of each page, you would have to introduce the specific key words for that service.

And if these inner pages are the main pages of its respective sections, on which other pages depend, because also we will apply the optimization to this third level. Besides to offer many more opportunities of positioning, this system has a great sense to offer to right navigator the information that he is looking for. If you are reviewing results that Google has thrown to you for a certain search, what you prefer?:

To arrive at the main page and to sail internally until finding what you look for. To arrive directly at the page with the pertinent information that you looked for. Then probably your potential visitors will prefer the same.

Where to place Keywords

Following with the different techniques for the best one registry, the different places comment where we must introduce words and phrases nail in our page. Now we are going to see where to locate the words and phrases nail, as well as the description within the page Web.

The Title of page

First that we must do it is to choose I title appropriate, that is to say, I title that it describes the page well where is and contemplate other small considerations:

It must be very descriptive. Something as mechanical Factory is not sufficient. It would have to also indicate the location of the factory or any information additional that could enrich the description, like the name of the factory or his specialty.

First paragraphs

It is another thing to which the motors pay attention much of search when indexing a page Web. If our Web it allows it, we must place a first paragraph that serves as introduction everything what we can be in the page or the Web. This first paragraph, will have to be placed within "BODY", but the close possible thing of this. If it is possible, we will avoid that between the label and the first paragraph other labels exist, like images.


Many finders, coverall the motors search, read determined labels in the page to find the description and key words of this, are the meta tags.

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