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SEO - Anchor Text And Headings

Autor: Scott Lindsay | Date: 02-10-2007

There has been a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that has been largely ignored. It may even be considered a minor element in the scheme of SEO techniques.

Most if us have visited websites with anchor text (hyper links) to third-party sites with more information. In the world of HTML you can hide the website address and include descriptive words to assist visitors in making a determination about the value of visiting the anchor text link.

In many cases you will find the common strategy that is used has no SEO function.


To find out more CLICK HERE.

In this scenario the link is on the words "CLICK HERE". While this might make sense to the reader it does absolutely nothing for search engines that are interested in the keywords associated with the anchor text link.


IMPORTED MOTHBALLS are making a comeback.

The reason this is better is that most Internet users understand that colored or underlined text is an anchor text link. While this is important to note, a better reason would be that search engines now have the capability of indexing the key phrase IMPORTED MOTHBALLS.

The use of search engine friendly anchor text statements can be important to the overall site ranking for your specific business site. This strategy is just one of many that can help you make the greatest impact when marketing your site through SEO Strategies.

One more tip that might help you place more prominently in the site rankings has to do with headings and subheadings on your web pages.

Many search engines pay particular attention to the headings on the web page. You can find creative ways to incorporate primary keywords or phrases in the first three headings on a page. These are the headings search engines will evaluate for search engine rankings.

For the visitor you can make the site easier to scan using bullet points and headings. Many online visitors will not read every single word you place on your website, but they will look for visual clues as to how relevant the information might be.

For search engines headings will be key locations for evaluation. In this case what is good for the site visitor is also good for the search engine.

By taking the time to incorporate what may seem like small steps you may end up with improved site rankings. By making these tips a habit you can move on to other SEO strategies that can further help you make the most significant impact on the web.

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