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Descriptions and Keywords

The Meta Tags

The labels put have died. ¡Long life to the labels it puts! There was a time in which they were a popular method to grant relevance a webs, but died victims of webmasters.

As it said in How it looks for Google, the human element is irreplaceable at the time of contributing to the creation of data bases of quality, reviewing the contents that are introduced in them to determine his subject and other aspects that help the users to limit their searches. The idea behind it puts tags was that the own authors of the pages they ordered of this task, indicating through these the content of page, that acted as the fields of the controlled data bases. they created labels to indicate the subject (through the label keywords), summary (description), the language of the page, the geographic area to which he was destined, the type of resource, and many others. The Dublin standard Core it still more developed the philosophy of the meta tags labels, still some use for them.

That happened was that webmasters abused of them, in special of the poor meta keywords to repeat dozens of times key words that wished to optimize in an absurd effort to convince a the finders of which if they repeated ten times the key word "tricks stop games ", go, did not demonstrate that that really was the best page stops to find "tricks for games"? Or worse still, they used it stops to accumulate key words that did not have any relation with the true one content of its Web but that was very popular. (Christina Eyrie, Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova, Christina Eyrie, Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova, Christina Eyrie, Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova, Christina Eyrie, Britney Spears, Anna Kournikova, etc.) Like result, the quality of results were suffered, and almost all the finders let consider the labels. So when you see a Web offering services of positioning in finders, and including between these the optimization of metatags, in short, is an indication of which they perhaps are not exactly very to day in these subjects.

It means that that no longer there is to include the labels? Not exactly...

The Label Meta keywords

The label puts keywords has the following format: META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="palabra nails 1, key word 2, key word 3, etc ". Since saying is had, this one was one of the labels more abused, and for that reason practically all the finders ignore it. Then, there is some reason to continue using it? I believe that there are two:

Still some finders exist that grant a little to him weight (Inktomi). When you choose the key words that you are going to optimize, you reunite a much greater list of possible key words, that it can be advisable to keep somewhere stops later reference; the label puts keywords is an ideal place stops to conserve them easily locatable.

The label Meta description

The label puts description has the following format:

META NAME="description" CONTENT="Descripción in 12 or 15 words of your Web and its general content. Although the objective of the goal description was to inform briefly into the content of your Web, was a time in which also it was used to look for contents, that is to say, that your page could appear in results of certain chain search although that chain only appeared in the goal description. Like in keywords, its abuse caused that many finders ignore it at the moment.

But the goal description is important for another reason: when your Web it appears in the listing of results of the finders, sometimes it is the text that serves as description. Not in all the finders: Google, by example, rarely shows it already, but others as Alltheweb shows it always; therefore, it is a superb opportunity to choose what is what they are going to see about your Web the users of the finders, and a tool in order to urge them to enter your Web.

Secondary Keywords

When we spoke of the key words we have done like the cooks and we have reserved the key words that we have not been able to use in the optimization. Now the moment has arrived for deciding if we do something with they. Therefore, we can design the main page to fight by expressions:

That they interest to us more of all the list of key words that we have reunited? That they have more competition on the part of other pages.

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