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Good content still king in search engine marketing

Autor: Erwin Oliva | Date: 10/09/2007

Good content remains the best way of boosting a website’s or blog’s chances of making money, a search engine marketing expert told

Search engine marketing is emerging as a niche field of Internet marketing, as people have started using search engines predominantly to search for information.

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts are now hired to increase the visibility of blogs and websites in Internet searches. Blogs that rank "high" in a Google search, for instance, would have higher chances of getting noticed by people. SEO experts are often skilled in web design, copy writing and Internet marketing.

"SEO is still traditional marketing using technology," said Benj Arriola, a Filipino search marketing specialist now based in San Diego, California.

A 2007 SEO champion, Arriola said SEO professionals should learn traditional marketing methods and good copy writing to succeed in this relatively new field of Internet marketing expertise.

A chemist by education, Arriola is now working as a consultant for large companies wanting to drive more traffic to their websites.

He said that SEO is now used by "mega sites" to convert visitors to potential customers or to get leads or information about visitors.

"SEO works in countries where it is more convenient to look things up on the Internet," the SEO expert said.

"It is easy to learn SEO tricks. They're available online. But you still have to go back to traditional marketing," he added.

Asked to identify skills needed to become a successful SEO, he cited good writing as one. In fact, his description of good writing is close to how journalism defines a good lead.

"The summary of the article must be on top," he said, as he acknowledged that the inverted pyramid style of writing works.

He stressed that SEO is not simply about luring people to go to your website and click on advertisements.

"SEO is about helping websites sell more. If people are just looking at increasing their keyword ranking in Google, then that's not SEO," he added.

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